Q&A Letterbox June Unboxing


Can you believe it’s June already?! This month Q&A has a great surprise in this month’s box!


Check out the gorgeous vintage stamps!



Many Tanks by Jonesy had me literally giggling in the car when I opened it up. Because get it, get it, MANY TANKS!


A great every day card to sent just to brighten someone’s day by Double Dare Prints. It’s so bright and happy!


Have I mentioned how much I love letterpress? Check out this note card from Impressus!qa7

Post cards from Q&A themselves!


And the surprise? Tada! Washi from Omiyage! I was totally not expecting washi in my letterbox but I’m so happy about it! It’s the little touches like a surprise washi sampler that makes Q&A stand out in my books.

So what do you think? Did you subscribe for this month’s box?

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Spotlight: Kata Kiosk

2015-06-04 123

I’m back from my hiatus and I’m excited to show you today a line of gorgeous cards from Kata KioskKata Kiosk is a self-publishing brand founded by illustrator Kotryna Zukauskaite from Vilnius in Lithuania.  This is the first time I’ve actually explored international illustrators and card designers and I’m happy to say I’m not disappointed.

They’re original, colourful, and charming. The cards are very well made and each set share a theme.  The set I have are sunny and floral decorations that are prefect for every occasion ranging from birthdays to just because. See below for the beautiful cards I received from Kata Kiosk!

2015-06-04 124 2015-06-04 123 2015-06-04 122 2015-06-04 121  2015-06-04 12 

Check out her Etsy shop here!

So what do you think? Would you get these to send to a loved one? Do you prefer something simple like this or greeting cards with puns/jokes on them?

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#write_on! My outgoing for April


So the goal for the month was 30 letters in 30 days and let’s see how I did… I ended up writing 26 letters in 30 days! My unofficial goal was 15 because I had to study for my finals so finding out I was about to do 26, I’m quite happy! See below for pictures of all my outgoing mail!

IMG_20150401_105745 IMG_20150402_083322 IMG_20150403_105802 Processed with VSCOcam Processed with VSCOcam Processed with VSCOcam  IMG_20150417_135442 IMG_20150415_102240 IMG_20150414_102524 IMG_20150409_104424 IMG_20150405_180717 IMG_20150405_125256 IMG_20150404_104029IMG_20150419_143656 IMG_20150424_091815 IMG_20150425_073929 IMG_20150425_203235 IMG_20150426_120000 IMG_20150426_191625 IMG_20150427_100218 IMG_20150430_200400 IMG_20150430_100808 IMG_20150428_183917 IMG_20150430_151111


So do you think you’d participate in the challenge? 30 letters in 30 days? How do you think you’d do? And if you did do it, how did you do?? :)

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Q&A Letterbox Subscription: The Perfect Mother’s (or Everyday) Gift!


Mother’s day is literally right around the corner! Are YOU ready for it? Or are you preparing for something else, like an upcoming birthday?  Why not do something unexpected – a gift that keeps on giving?

Q&A Letterbox is a subscription service where each month, your recipient will receive a selection of thoughtfully selected cards.


So what’s so special about Q&A? Well, I asked Queenie, the Q of Q&A to explain the thought that goes behind curating their monthly kit: “Q&A Letterbox is about featuring local artists and designers – there is such a wealth of Canadian talent! We’re  looking at stationery designers near and far, taking things like patterns, typography and design into consideration. We think about how the cards we select compliment each other and about our subscribers. We try to select cards that we imagine bringing the recipient a little bit of snail mail joy.”

See what was in last month’s box below! Cards from Swell Made Co., Sea and Lake, Dreams on Paper Toronto, and stickers from The Paper Shoppe!


So why not give someone a fun gift where once a month, they can open their mail box to a bunch of joy (instead of junk mail and bills!).  Instead of a crappy $40 last minute gift, you can get them a 3 month subscription so in three months time, you will still be on their mind!

Q&A may be new to this subscription game but trust me, they know what they’re doing. Queenie is the powerhouse behind her adorable greeting card line Queenie’s cards and Andrea (A of Q&A) has an amazing eye for picking out gorgeous designs, a talent that she used for her #365daysofletterwriting.

Let me know what you think? Check out Q&A Letterbox as they start their launch and grow with them!

Their Social Media:

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DISCLAIMER: I received this first Q&A test box for FREE. However, my upcoming subscription will be paid for by myself.

OOAK 2015

Processed with VSCOcam

Last week I had to pleasure of stopping by the One of a Kind Show in Toronto and oh my goodnessssss! It took me over 3 hours to make one loop! I was absolutely exhausted and my wallet was pretty unhappy with me haha.

Anyways, I just wanted to share a few of my favourite booths from OOAK and my mini haul of pretty cards! I tried to hit up every stationery related booth I could find but I was totally overwhelmed. I was also so excited that I forgot to grab photos of some and had to double back!

(Totally sorry but the potato quality of the pictures! I need a camera upgrade + better lighting!)

Queenie’s Cardsqueenie2


Carolyn Draws



You And I

Processed with VSCOcam


Dreams on Paper


Sea and Lake





(Lisa is amazing! I couldn’t say no to her booth!  She upcycles leftover fabric to make amazing cards!)










Okay…now for the “I totally shouldn’t have bought everything so don’t tell my boyfriend!” haul! Haha!

 Processed with VSCOcam2015-04-03 12.37.21Processed with VSCOcamProcessed with VSCOcamProcessed with VSCOcamProcessed with VSCOcamProcessed with VSCOcamProcessed with VSCOcam2015-04-03 12.14.38Processed with VSCOcam


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March Outgoing Mail!


Can you believe March is pretty much over?! April is almost here and it’ll be National Letter Writing Month!  This year will be my first time participating and I’m SO excited about it! Fingers crossed I can do 30 letters in 30 days!  Anyways, here’s what I sent out in March!


March Outgoing Mail! Come check out www.palepaperhearts.com for more snail mail fun!

March Outgoing Mail! Come check out www.palepaperhearts.com for more snail mail fun! marchmail2 marchmailSuper bummed about the lighting in the second last photo!  But I sent it out before I got the catch to retake it. It was a bit of a hectic month for me as I had some crazy deadlines at school so I was only able to get out 4! Let’s hope for 30 next month! Haha :)

Did you send out any letter this week or month?  Are you gearing up for April?! April is National Letter Writing Month so join the #write_on movement!

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Spotlight: Cynla Cards & Design


Okay, I am in LOVE.  I connected with Cindy on Instagram a few weeks ago after seeing a friend tag me in a card.  Cindy’s illustrations are so beautiful.  She hand draws then, paint them with watercolour, and then colour them digitally. Cynla Cards & Design sells on Etsy.

According to her bio, her “designs are influenced by [her] half-Japanese culture, nature, [her] travels and the pursuit of stressing less” and she hopes that her designs inspire us to stress less and live a happy life!  Well I for sure know my heart skipped a beat when her cards arrived and was super happy.  The adorably drawn animals that she features are just too cute as they as day dreaming things that they want – a friendly reminder than we should take a break, destress, and daydream a little!

If you don’t believe me then see for yourself! I’ll be posting photos from her etsy shop because I honestly do not think I can do her cards justice due to the gorgeous colouring.



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Write_On // Egg Press + Hello Lucky


Did you know April is National Letter Writing month??  And you know I freaking love mail because why else would I have an entire blog focused on it?!  Last year, Egg Press founder, Tess Darrow, challenged herself to write a letter daily and it inspired the launch of Write_On!

Write_On is a “campaign to promote joy, creativity, expression and connection through hand-written correspondence” that launched in 2014. This year, Write_On is offering a FREE letter writing kit consisting of 4 letterpress cards (sponsored by Egg Press and Hello!Lucky) and a Gelly Roll pen from Sakura of America on their website as an incentive to get the ball rolling for April. They even have a list of reasons to write if you don’t know where to start!

Write_On 2015 is nearly upon us!!Visit the brand-spanking new Write_On website at writeoncampaign.com (link in profile) to order your FREE letter writing kit consisting of 4 letterpress cards, 2 by us and 2 by our Write_On co-hosts @helloluckycards. This year’s kit also comes with a Gelly Roll pen from @sakuraofamerica! The kit is so cute and we hope it will inspire you to write LOTS of letters, or at least 30 letters in 30 days next month! Last year this was such a fun and transformative experience and we really can’t wait to do it again and hope to at least double the participation. We’re looking forward to following all of your adventures in letter writing with hashtag #write_on! #reasonstowrite #dontgetcaughtwithyourpensdown #getmoreactionwhenyourpentakesaction #gellyroll30 #snailmail #happymail #stationery #letterpress #snailmailrevolution

A photo posted by @eggpress on

So what are you waiting for?  Join me and others next month for National Letter Writing month and check out the #write_on hashtag on Instagram!

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Hello Spring!

Hello Spring! Greeting cards for the Spring time!

I’m so excited that spring has arrived in Toronto. I got to tuck my Canada Goose away, wear my spring jacket, and run in non-fleeced tights (GLOVELESS!).  Clearly I was super excited over spring so I thought why not check out some Spring themed cards!

Hello Spring! Greeting cards for the Spring time! www.palepaperhearts.com

The White Lime

Hello Spring! Greeting cards for the Spring time! www.palepaperhearts.com

Mandarina Design

Hello Spring! Greeting cards for the Spring time!

Queen’s Cards

Hello Spring! Greeting cards for the Spring time! www.palepaperhearts.com

Lily and Val

Hello Spring! Greeting cards for the Spring time! www.palepaperhearts.com

Sara Does

I thought these spring greeting cards to be gorgeous. Do you have a favourite from here or elsewhere? Let me know! :)

Photos from their respective shops.

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Spotlight: Paula and Waffle

Designer Highlight: Paula and Waffle. Check out the ones I got here

Not too long ago, I had won a contest that Paula, of Paula and Waffle was hosting on her Instagram.  I received 4 cards and was instantly smitten by them.  They’re so soft and sweet with a whimsical and carefree touch.  Her designs remind me of a soft and fluffy fantasy land where tea parties are of a regular occasion.  Does that make sense or am I going a little crazy? Haha!  It has to be the bunnies that she draws!

After getting my cards, I honestly could not contain myself and placed an order because you can never have too many cards!

Maybe I’m just bias because I love pink and dogs but Paula and Waffle’s packaging is always fun to open. (click on the photos below to expand them!)


Here are the cards I got!  I love them so much but my favourite would have to be the cupcake one where it yells “you’re on fire!” Haha


However, the item I want to feature today is those recipe cards on the bottom.



Paula and Waffle has two designs: One features baking ingredients (green lines) and the second one features cooking utensils (red lines).



These are gorgeous recipe cards that are just perfect for when you want to slip a loved recipe into a gift. I know I would love to get one of these in my annual cookie exchange during Christmas because I can never seem to be able to recreate their cookies!

They’re also perfect for gifts that requires assembly such as “bake your own” kits!  An example of such gift is Bake Your Own Bread where you layer all the dry ingredients in a jar.  This recipe card would go well with it, don’tcha think?


7Sorry, I totally lost the natural lighting for the last two photos.


Aren’t her recipe cards pretty?  What do you think of Paula and Waffle? What do you use recipe cards for?


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